Claroscuro Producciones is a video production company based in Valencia (Spain). Between the years 2009-2013 we have offered our services to other people and companies that need an image to speak for them, but never forgetting in the process the seek of our own images, our own words.

We are a small team and during this time we have had the support and collaboration of many people, great professionals, colleagues and friends with whom we shared in projects that otherwise would never have been possible. To all of them our eternal gratitude.

If in the end is the representation, in the process we meet the search, the doubt, the nuances, the idealization, the love and hate to what surround us.

If in the end is the image, we have come through the sensation, the idea, the word, the sound and all those things that allow us to interpret and express what happens.

For this integral facet we see our work as a way of life and we project it as a celebration to reality and imagination.

_ Claroscuro Producciones